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Advantages And Characteristics Of CTO Carbon Filter Cartridge Making Machine

Nov 23, 2017

CTO carbon filter cartridge making machine in the process of filtering through the function of mechanical friction and turbulence that pollutants from the sand surface, such impurities can follow sand washing water, and clean sand will return sand bed under their own gravity.


In the process of CTO carbon filter cartridge making machine is a collection of the coagulation, clarification and filtering, and other functions into an organic whole and continuous filtration equipment based on principle of reverse flow, the CTO of the activated carbon filter machine water usually is entered into the processing equipment at the bottom of the water distribution system, and then after sand bed filter by top export.


Advantages of CTO carbon filter cartridge making machine


1. High efficiency: 24 hours of continuous work can be maintained and no downtime is required. 

2. Low running cost: no large flow of backwash pump is required. 

3. Low maintenance cost: it has little rotating parts except quartz sand material during operation, so the failure rate is very low and maintenance costs are low.


Characteristics of CTO filters produced by CTO carbon filter cartridge making machine

1. Purification capture power is very high, purification power can reach 90-99%

2. Pure physics principle, do not need to use power, supply CTO activated carbon filter equipment, repair and maintenance

3. High efficiency filtration material, high temperature resistance, small resistance, repeated application, low working cost

4. The composite structure was selected and the post-stage activated carbon was adsorbed


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