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Advantages And Principle Of PP Spun Filter Cartridge Making Machine

Dec 12, 2017

As a production equipment, PP spun filter cartridge making machine shows superior performance, and its overall adoption of advanced automatic control system can continuously produce all kinds of filter elements. For operators, the operation management of the PP melt filter is very convenient, and its production is high, the operation speed is fast, and the service life is long.


More importantly, because the PP spun filter cartridge making machine is also specially added to the frequency control system, the energy consumption during the operation is low, the consumption is low, and the cost of use is saved. The quality of filter element is good, stable performance and high filtration precision. In addition, the filter core has a multi-layer structure to achieve the filter core layer filtering effect.


From the perspective of application, all kinds of filter core products produced by PP spun filter cartridge making machine have been widely used in the household water purification and industrial wastewater treatment industry. For example, the pretreatment of pure water, circulating cooling water, drinking water and other filtering links are used.


About Pp spun filter cartridge making machine operation principle: the equipment under normal operation condition, as a result of the automatic control system, thus feeding automatic suction 100% chance sent to the extrusion machine, wire drawing level polypropylene melt extrusion machine heating PP particles to the density of its liquid.


And then use the roots blower, etc will be sent to the heating area of heating, air air temperature, under the action of stress, makes the melt into liquid polypropylene material from nozzle jet formation of filaments, finally out of filaments level reached the winding equipment screw, screw for rotating and forming filter, filter automatically forward to automatic cutting machine for cutting. The above is the operation principle of PP spun filter cartridge making machine.


As for the specific cutting length, it is mainly determined according to the user's requirements. Using PP melt-blown filter produced by PP spun filter cartridge making machine structure for coarse, the outer fiber lining fiber thin, outer loose, lining closely diameter gradient gradually tight structure, which makes its strong filtering effect.