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Analysis Of Mechanical Properties Of The Machine For UDF

Dec 20, 2017

Under normal circumstances, a complete set of the machine for UDF, often contains a very different types of machinery and equipment, not only have host equipment, also includes automatic cutting machine, cooling water tank, mixer and automatic feeding machine and other equipment.At present, in the actual production operation, the performance standards and technical requirements of machine for UDF are becoming more and more stringent.


In the process of using machine for UDF, according to the user's requirements, we can adjust the UDF filter with different specifications and different specifications.So-called UDF filter, really belongs to a kind of smell decoloring to filter core, its main is to use a filter cartridge, end cover material, such as internal usually fill all kinds of high quality carbon particles, the hot-melt weld whole sealing technology.


As a user, we should understand that actually USES the machine for UDF of granular activated carbon filter at the time of use, shall meet the appropriate conditions, including: 1, the working temperature should be kept within 80 ;2 steam sterilization, disinfection temperature at 125 ℃, once every half an hour.3, in the case of 25 ℃ is 0.4 Mpa;Reverse 0.2 Mpa


In other words, when we operate the macine for UDF, we usually use high adsorption activated carbon as the raw material, which is processed by many processes.In practical application, we can use UDF filter core to remove odor, free chlorine and so on.


Combined with the practical application of the machine for UDF mechanical operation effect, because the equipment has high automation level, thus the user after the installation of a complete set of machine for UDF mechanical production, significantly improved the production efficiency, but also makes the production more stable.