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Composition Characteristics Of PP Fiber Filter Machine

Oct 23, 2017

PP filter is made by hot melt entanglement of superfine polypropylene fiber. Superfine fibers rely on their own adhesion and entanglement, in space randomly constitute three-dimensional micro-pore structure, fiber coupling does not require any adhesive, especially with radial fiber gradient changes in the characteristics of porous and fabric-type filter media complex. On the one hand, it can form deep filtration (the characteristics of porous filter material), on the other hand can form surface filtration (fabric filter material characteristics), is a combination of pre filtration, fine filtration and gravity deposition in one of the composite filter materials, has been widely used in the life of drinking water purification, industrial purity filtration and other fluid filtration.

PP filter has high filtration efficiency, small pressure loss, stable filtration efficiency, long service life, low filtration cost, good safety and adaptability.

The new type of filter is different from traditional fabric filtration material, this material has fine diameter, often less than 5-25 microns, fiber presents irregular porous mesh structure, average diameter diameter is less than 40 microns, average hole rate is greater than 75%, so the structure is reliable for the control of filtration precision.

PP filter internal fine fiber layer and the outer coarse fiber layer constitute double-layer fiber structure, effectively reduce the pressure loss, maintain a stable filtration efficiency. The pore diameter of PP filter is graded in the direction of diameters, in the filtration, the large aperture can be enough to accommodate large particles of impurities, to ensure that the filter is not quickly blocked, while providing a good shape rigidity, small aperture of the part can block the fine particles, to ensure the accuracy of filtration, so as to avoid the high precision of the filter plug fast, Short life defects, but also reduce the filter resistance, reduce the energy consumption of equipment, prolong the service life of the filter.

PP filter material used is non-toxic and odorless pp materials, raw material source is reliable and safe, in the production process no other chemicals generated, can be directly used in drinking water and beverage products, and because there is no bonding medium, the application of insoluble materials appear. Resistant to mildew, acid and alkali resistance, organic or inorganic solvents (excluding sulfonic acid, concentrated nitric acid and strong oxidant).