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Knowledge Of Carbon Filter Cartridge Machine

Nov 21, 2017

The cto filter of carbon filter cartridge machine With high quality and good fruit shell charcoal and activated carbon filter to coal activated carbon as raw material, then it is supplemented by high quality adhesives, moreover, we also is to actually pay attention to is it itself is the high-tech technology, through the special craft processing and become, in terms of activated carbon filter machine, also is converged on adsorption, filtration, intercept, catalysis, can effectively remove the water of organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances, and, for this kind of equipment, it is also has the effect of decoloring, odor removal, etc.


Activated carbon filter of carbon filter cartridge machine is a new type of liquid, air purification industry. In terms of its kind, it will include the white head sintered activated carbon filter element, and the black headband skeleton sintering activated carbon filter core and the particle activated carbon filter element.


The cto carbon filter of carbon filter cartridge machine can be added to the sintering by adding the binder. And for the innermost layer of the filter element, we actually have to pay attention to the fact that it is the polypropylene skeleton, which is used to strengthen the compressive strength of the filter core. In the case of the skeleton, there are two layers of polypropylene super fibre felt, which can directly intercept the liquid through the carbon core and bring out particles larger than 10 microns. And for the outer carbon core, it itself is with two layers of polypropylene superfine fiber felt, can stop the liquid of more than 10-20 micron particles, makes the filter itself is also will have the double function filtration and purification.


The outer layer of the activated carbon filter produced by carbon filter cartridge machine is the white plastic mesh, which enables the filter core to have a particularly complete appearance and a relatively clean appearance. Next, we should be careful to note that on both ends of the filter core, there will be a soft butyl rubber end cover, which can be loaded into the filter cartridge to have a better sealing performance. Finished product activated carbon filter is also closely coating with plastic film, and to prevent the occurrence of pollution and filter to a large extent is to keep the filter often also is in a state of relatively pure and fresh.


Carbon filter cartridge machine produced the activated carbon filter has a better adsorption effect, which can effectively remove the residual chlorine, odor, color and organic materials of water. Peter said to the filtration principle of activated carbon filter machine, simple, which is based on activated carbon adsorption characteristics of itself, main is also used in activated carbon to remove pollutants of water, in addition, the activated carbon filter machine is also has the decoloring, filtered liquid and gas, to a series of air purification treatment, in gas recovery, that is, there will be a better effect.