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Performance Characteristics Of PP Melt-blown Filter Machine

Oct 23, 2017

(1) filtration efficiency and filtration accuracy, filter cartridge aperture density uniformity, filtration efficiency of more than 99%.

(2) Small filter resistance, large filtration flow, large amount of pollution, long service life, the product in the production process of fiber diameter and clearance can be adjusted, the micro-hole inside the small outer layer large, increase the flow and the amount of pollution, the filter is not easy to block, prolong the service life.

(3) Their own cleanliness is high, no pollution to the water, acid and alkali resistance and organic solvents, corrosion.

(4) High strength, filter inlet and outlet pressure difference of more than 0.4MPA when the filter will not deform, temperature more than 90 ℃, filtration efficiency will not be reduced.

(5) The product has a very high hydrophilicity and can absorb 10 times times heavier water, so it can be used for separating oil from the polypropylene.