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T33 Machinery Is A Good Helper For Purifying Water

Nov 18, 2017

Said to rear active carbon filter mechanical (T33 machinery) is also is the last working procedure of cartridge filter, and in terms of T33 machinery main role, which is in order to purify the water quality, then, is it to a large extent, which is able to achieve the enhance the taste of drinking water. Generally speaking, the rear T33 machinery to a large extent is also USES the coconut shell activated carbon, with such a coconut shell activated carbon mainly is to select the coconut shell as raw material


Moreover, regarding the T33 machinery to a large extent is also passes through a set of sophisticated machining process, for its appearance, actually also is black or granular, for this kind of activated carbon adsorption ability also is stronger, then, we also is to actually pay attention to is also on its service life is long, has the characteristics of wear resistance.


Rear active T33 machinery system with respect to its to a large extent, is also can purify water depth, then, is it to a large extent is because in the raw water of the water purifier is passed directly between layers of filtration, at this point, it will to a large extent, which is directly go to the rear activated carbon filter, at this point, it is can be more radical vision of the adsorption of water color, odor, adjusted the taste of pure water, and at the same time, it will to a large extent, is also inhibits bacteria regeneration of pure water, in this way, can also is pure and sweet.


Rear active T33 machinery systems, when conducted with filter water purifier, it to a large extent, is also must pay attention to the usual for filter maintenance and replacement, for subsequent set of activated carbon market will probably also is in 115 yuan, said to use T33 machinery suggested by life is 18 months, and it's because of this, we must pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, the cleaning, we actually is also must pay attention to use the correct cleaning method and cleaning agent for cleaning.


Finally, after the use of the reactivated T33 machinery system, it is directly related to the pure water purifying device itself, which is the result of a series of adverse effects., however, it is because the rear active T33 machinery system of the above situation, which is to pay attention to the timely replacement filter, as a result, in the end, that is will drink to relatively clean water.