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Technical Parameters And Automatic Numerical Control System Of Yarn Winding Filter Machine

Jan 24, 2018

Yarn winding filter machine is mainly used for in the production process of do in water purification, grease, pharmacy, food, chemical industry, electronics, environmental protection and other industries, the different requirements of yarn filter machine winding yarn, line winding filter dedicated molding machine.This winding machine has high speed, yarn forming, full line stop, fast changing line, low energy consumption and so on. 

Yarn winding filter machine adopts colorless, tasteless non-toxic polypropylene yarn as raw material, match with disk, ac frequency conversion motor, such as numerical control panel equipment on the screw in a winding way to form a variety of specifications of the filter, the specifications (length, diameter, outside diameter, decorative pattern, filtration precision) are adjustable. 

Yarn winding filter machine adopts automatic numerical control system, automatic water cooling system for extrusion model in water cooling groove form all kinds of filter, a device can produce only one type of inner and outer diameter of the activated carbon filter. 

Technical parameters of yarn filter element.

1. Winding speed of winding machine is 60-320m/min.

2. Power supply AC380,50HZ, others can be customized according to customer needs.

3. Machine motor winding filter core length is less than 30 inches, and three-phase asynchronous motor speed is 2800 revolutions per minute. 

4. The coil filter length is greater than or equal to 30 inches, and the three-phase torque motor speed is 1400 RPM. 

5. Skeleton, PP, stainless steel, other materials can be customized.The inner diameter of the filter element is usually 28mm and 30mm. Other sizes can be customized. 

6. The outer diameter is 29mm~200mm, the maximum outer diameter is 200mm, the precision of the filter element is 1 mu,5 mu m,10 mu m,20 mu m,50 mu m,100 mu m, etc. The filter core is 10 inches,20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches...100 inches, other lengths can be customized according to customer needs.