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The Application Field And Quality Structure Of Pp Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Production Line

Nov 25, 2017

PP melt blown filter cartridge production line is mainly used in the process of its automatic control system, in the process of operation can be continuous production of various specifications of the filter, in operating process is very simple and convenient, PP melt-blown filter machine of high yield, efficiency, long service life of machine.


The pp melt blown filter cartridge production line is suitable for full automatic control system with high yield, high efficiency and long service life.In addition, the production line adopts the variable frequency speed regulating system, which USES low energy consumption, less waste, good quality, stable performance and high precision of filter core.The multi-layer structure of filter core can be realized through multi-layer filtration.


The use of pp melt blown filter cartridge production line field is very broad, mainly in oilfield water injection, chemical, electroplating, printing and laboratory in the use of water, boiler water, pure water manufacturing pretreatment, paint, color film processing, printing, beer, beverage industry filter, fuel, and circulating cooling water, etc.


Pp melt blown filter cartridge production line


1.Type: 2E 2M

2.Raw material: pp fiber ,MFR 30-180

3.Capacity:3800-4500 pcs/24 hours

4.Product quality structure: the product is a depth filter with gradual structure in the outside.

5.Product specifications: ID: Φ 28 mm OD (other size for delivery) : Φ 38-120 mm, product length 5 "10" 20 "30" 40 "50"......Arbitrary length, the quality of the products: 100-200 g/PCS (length 254 mm, for example), the precision of products: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100 micron, product appearance, embossing, steel tank, acupuncture, light core, orange peel, core and lettering core!

6.Voltage:380V/50HZ  Install power:50 KW