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The Filtration Precision And Safety Of The Filter Element Of PP Winding Filter Cartridge Machine

Nov 04, 2017

PP winding filter cartridge machine produced the winding filters mainly made from superfine polypropylene fiber melt entanglement, the superfine fiber is mainly on its own adhesive and bound, in random space constitute a three-dimensional porous structure, fiber connection does not need any adhesive, especially has the characteristics of radial fiber a gradient variation, is a complex of groove type and fabric filter medium.

Yarn filter of pp winding filter cartridge machine can form deep filter, filter equipment mainly is the collection forecast filtration and fine filtration and gravity sedimentation in the integration of composite filter materials, has been widely used in drinking water purification, industrial pure water filter and other fluid.

PP winding filter cartridge machine filters when making use of its high filtration efficiency and pressure loss is small, in the process of operating the filtration efficiency stable and long service life, the filter of low cost, good safety, strong adaptability.

After production by the pp winding filter cartridge machine the wound filters and the fiber layer of external roughing are composed of double layer fiber structure, effectively reducing the pressure loss and maintaining the stable filtration efficiency.PP filter pore diameter gradient distribution along diameter direction, when filtering, part of the large aperture is large enough to hold the larger particles of impurities, to ensure that the filter is not soon jams, rigid at the same time provide a good shape.

PP winding filter cartridge machine produces PP filter aperture of a small part of the yarn can stop the tiny particles, ensure that the filtering precision, so as to avoid the high precision filter clogging of the quick, short service life of disease, but also reduce the filtration resistance, reduce the energy consumption of the equipment, prolong the service life of filter element.

PP yarn filter after in production of pp winding filter cartridge machine made its filter material is mainly USES its non-toxic and tasteless PP material, raw material sources and reliable security, no other chemical substances generated in the process of production, can be directly used for drinking water and beverage products, and because there was no any glue medium, the application material is dissolved.