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The Operation Requirements Of Filter Cartridge Production Machine And The Cleaning And Heating Of The Mold Cleaning Oven

Nov 30, 2017

Screw compressor to compress air to our requirement after the pressure (its no longer consumes, when air pressure is insufficient, the compressor automatically continue pressure), air directly stored in the storage tanks, and then by air tank to the oven and hot air delivery to 2 extrusion machine mould, then blow).filter cartridge production machine per shift need a cut filter, machine operation generally 10-15 days after stopping clean the garbage in the mold, a mold cleaning tank heat to 500 degrees, 4 hours heating for heat preservation requires 2 hours, natural cooling.

Filter cartridge production machine in normal operation, the heating oven can reach to a certain extent after the specified temperature, it can automatically heat preservation, at this time no longer consumes, when the temperature drops, the automatic temperature reaches the specified temperature.

Technical parameters of filter cartridge production machine

1. Voltage: 380v/ 415v, three compartments

2. Start power: 70kw, the actual power interval of operation is 38-45kw

3. Inner diameter: 28,30,33mm, outside diameter: 57-150mm

4. Operating temperature: no higher than 50 degrees Celsius, otherwise the output will be affected

5. Occupation: 10m*10m*3m (long and wide)

6. Weight of the fuselage: about 2600kgs

7. Production: 3E&3M filter cartridge production machine, with high yield and low energy consumption, taking the 10-inch filter core as an example, can produce up to 5,000 to 6000 units per day.More dimensions can be cut according to customer's requirements during operation.

The structure of filter cartridge production machine is the outer fiber thick, the inner layer fiber is thin, the outer layer is loose, the inner layer is tight gradually the gradient diameter is gradually tight structure.The unique gradient deep filtration has formed the effect of three-dimensional filter residue, which has the characteristics of high porosity, high retention rate, large amount of pollution, large flow rate and low pressure drop.