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The Principle And Automation Of T33 Filter Cartridge Machine

Nov 28, 2017

T33 filter cartridge machine is mainly used in use process of advanced automatic control system, temperature control system of the excellent performance of the entire equipment, so that you can to a certain extent to ensure the stable output, maintenance and maintenance is convenient, simple and easy. Water cooling design allows the cooling of carbon filter to accelerate, thus increasing production.

T33 filter cartridge machine is mainly used in design process of three nozzle design, its stability is high, anti-jamming is strong, the product adjustment is convenient, the unit cost is low, the machine is suitable for various specifications of PP filter production.

T33 filter cartridge machine characteristics

T33 filter cartridge machine in the process of design using the gradient process principle, adopting one-piece material temperature control, independent material metering allocation and spinneret block adjustment, can precisely control the material extrusion amount and temperature, satisfy the complex process of filter production, low energy consumption production: using electric heating temperature control system and good insulation design, effectively reduce heat loss, reducing energy consumption. 

T33 filter cartridge machine with independent control cabinet integration of the complete production line of control and alarm output, and can display the working state of the components, observe the equipment running status, more can choose color touch screen + PLC control system, the humanized multilingual user interface make parameter setting more simple and clear. 

T33 filter cartridge machine highly automated

From material feeding, material heating, flow control, to filter shaping receiving, cutting, size detection, simply complete set according to the requirements of production and debugging, stable production line equipment can stable operation, greatly reducing the artificial maintenance costs.