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What Is The Performance Of CTO Filter Cartridge Machine?

Jan 17, 2018

In the clean water industry, CTO activated carbon filter is often used, which refers to a kind of activated carbon filter core, which refers to the activated carbon filter core.In the production process, people need to use a complete set of CTO filter cartridge machine to process the CTO activated carbon filter.


According to the analysis of the CTO activated carbon filter named three CTO letters were taken from chlorine (chlorine), taste (taste), she (smell), the combination of the three English words the first letter, also it can be understood as a way to remove chlorine, smell, and improve the taste of filter.The activated carbon filter is mainly composed of mixing machine, conveyor, extruder, cooling device and automatic cutting machine.


Thus, under the normal operation of the CTO filter cartridge machine, people add a certain amount of binder in activated carbon after heating an extrusion molding, then after cooling, to cut it into required specifications of the activated carbon filter.


With the increase of technical level, so people are currently using the CTO filter cartridge machine has achieved automation, and can keep continuous and efficient production, the production of activated carbon filter quality is excellent


In conclusion, CTO filter cartridge machine has a high technical level, which is not only compact and reasonable, but also stable in operation, low noise, large yield and low energy consumption.It also has the advantages of high automation and convenient maintenance.


In a CTO filter cartridge machine, extruder is one of the main equipment, this equipment adopts the advanced automatic control system and temperature control system, and good performance, to ensure the stability of the output.CTO filter cartridge machine is designed with water cooling, which can speed up cooling rate and increase production.