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What Is The Use Of The Machine For T33?

Dec 13, 2017

There are many different types of filter core products in the market, and they are applied in different industries.In the water purification industry, I believe that you have heard the T33 filter element, which is often used in water purifiers so that water can be filtered and purified.At present, we mainly use the machine for T33 to complete the filter core products.


In fact, a complete set of machine for T33 contains many kinds of filter machinery processing equipment, including automatic feeding machine, processing mould, electric control cabinet, fan, host, cutting machine, heating oven and receive car etc.Therefore, in the process of producing the T33 filter, there are many different processes.In the same way, for different user requirements, we need to make appropriate adjustments to ensure that the obtained T33 filter meets the requirements of precision and specification.


As you should know, in fact, when we use machine for T33 to process different specifications, we should select appropriate parameters to meet the user's requirements.The obtained T33 filter plays an important role in pure water purification equipment.

In fact, T33 filter cartridge obtained by machine for T33 is the last process in the filtration process, which is mainly to improve the water quality and enhance the taste of water.This filter is high-quality fruit shell charcoal and coal activated carbon as raw material, USES the very advanced production equipment through multi-channel processes, it also set, intercept, catalysis, adsorption, filtration can achieve ideal removal effect.


In practical application, due to mechanical machine for T33 itself has high automation level, and with the improvement of performance level, to help users solve the low efficiency of manual operation, qualified rate is not high, production steps such as complicated issues, application of the machine for T33, to help enterprises to improve the product quality, production efficiency.